Whitey Bulger, one of Boston’s most notorious criminals was the inspiration for a song entitled “Morning Light (A Ballad of James ‘Whitey’ Bulger).”

The song, composed by Brendan Hogan is a down tempo folk tune. The 31-year-old wrote the song last winter before the former mob boss was captured.

“As a Boston native, I wanted to pay homage to the city in a song and he’s the perfect character to have to do that,” Hogan told the Boston Herald.

“I knew I could do a whole album about him. The good brother, bad brother thing — it’s amazing. But I thought, ‘Who’s going to want to listen to that?’ ”

Speaking about the criminal’s recent capture the song artist has assumed Whitey was dead.

“I assumed he was dead or long gone,” Hogan said. “Fast-forward to last week and, well, I’m glad I had the song ready.”

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