An Irish American businessman outside Boston is offering his farm and restaurant business for sale through Realtors in Ireland — with the added attraction that a coveted green card is included.

Steve Thompson is offering Tully Mill, a restaurant, Irish pub and pig farm on 8.3 acres some 80 miles from Boston to any Irish person — who can then apply for a green card  through an "investor visa."

Thompson, who is a chiropractor, decided to offer the land/visa deal to an Irish business person after talking it over with friends in Killarney. He has had to step away from the business for health reasons.

To qualify for the investor business visa, the person would have to employ ten people in America. Thompson says the business employed thirty people when he ran it. The EB-5 visa is for immigrant investors. The visa can be processed in a year or so, and the businessman's wife and family under 21 are all eligible for green cards also.

Thompson says all the restaurant furnishings, appliances and equipment are included in the sale. “All new owners need to do is buy groceries," he told The Irish Times.

As well as the business, there’s a restored 250-year-old Cape Cod-style house, landscaped lawns and a waterfall. Irish real estate companies believe there will be many queries, especially given the poor state of the Irish economy and the weak dollar.