U2 front man Bono is celebrating a cash bonanza on the double after confirmation that the band’s 360° worldwide tour grossed more than $700 million.

The singer, about to cash in on the Facebook floatation, is also counting the profits from the three year global tour.

New figures published by music industry journal Pollstar confirm that the tour grossed $230million alone in 2010 when almost 2.4million fans paid to see the band at 34 gigs in 26 cities.

In total over seven million fans paid for the privilege of seeing U2 on the 360° tour.

The report states that tour grossed the highest amount of any rock band in 2010. It averaged gross takings of $8.9 million per gig with an average attendance of 91,828.

U2’s three-gig stint at the Morumbi Stadium in São Paolo, Brazil, alone earned $32 million.


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The report states that the $700million is a gross figure. It does not take into account the significant costs of staging the tour which covered 110 gigs in 79 cities around the world.

The profits from the tour are shared between the four members of the band - Bono, The Edge, Larry Mullen and Adam Clayton - their manager Paul McGuinness, their promoter Live Nation, and the local venue operator.

The production values on the tour and the unique stage allowed capacity at venues to increase by up to 25 per cent with record attendances following at most venues.

The three-night sell-out run at Dublin’s Croke Park grossed $28.5 million.

In total, the tour grossed $231.9 million in 2011; $160.9 million in 2010; and $311 million in 2009 when three million people paid on average $101 to see the band play.

U2 enjoyed their best year in 2009 when the average gross per concert was $10 million.
Bono’s back injury caused several gigs to be postponed in 2010.

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