Bono has offered to undertake another big tour – to sell Ireland to the world.

The U2 frontman followed friend Bill Clinton’s lead at the Global Irish Economic Forum in Dublin.

Clinton wowed the audience of heavy hitters when he offered to host a similar forum in New York next year to attract investment into Ireland.

Now Bono has offered to do his bit as well after addressing industry leaders drawn from the Irish Diaspora at the government sponsored event.

“I’m ready to work for this country. I’m ready to work for this Taoiseach (Prime Minister), I would love to go on the road and tell people in India to take President Clinton’s suggestion or wherever,” declared Bono.



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The U2 singer said he is willing to fill any role asked of him if it works for Ireland in the bid to recover from the current economic recession.

“The mood over the weekend was oddly optimistic,” Bono told reporters after he had offered to help.

“There was a certain fighting spirit there.

“I praise the Irish people’s anarchic spirit. The Government has been smart to fight for Ireland’s tax competitiveness.

“The most important thing to take from the forum is that it is within us to make this country ours again so we’re not beholden to these financial institutions.”

Bono added: “I am a tad torn about the Diaspora thing because, in the end, things have to be great rather than just being Irish.”