Courts have revoked the bond of a man who plotted to don a gorilla suit and open fire on St. Patrick’s Day festivities in Pittsburgh. The Mount Oliver man planned to kill at least 15 women and shoot any police that got in his way.

Judge Jeffrey A. Manning presided over Sean Notman’s (27) hearing. Notman faces attempted homicide and catastrophe charges. Police searched his home after an arrest for aggravated assault charge for firing an AK-47 at his roommate.

Thankfully at the time Notman was unable to post bail and remained in jail for 17th March when he had planned his shooting spree.

Speaking a press conference Lt. Jeffrey Korczyk said he was confident that Notman was serious about his plans. The authorities found a multi page manifesto on his laptop.

The police officer said “All of us feel very lucky…I really believe he had full intentions of carrying this out."

Korczyk said that from reading his manifesto it seemed that Notman had “issues with God and have issues with women."

He wrote “15 people must die, and many more shall be injured.

"i chose st. patricks day because of the large volume of people. obviously that gives me a larger number dogs to put down [sic].”

He said that people being drunk would make them easier targets. He said the crowd would not be “fleet of foot and sound of mind.”

His manifesto added that he would shoot responding officers before killing himself or committing suicide by cop.

Gene Marnell, Notman’s roommate, filed a criminal complaint. He said he woke up at 1am and heard Notman in the kitchen saying “I could blow them all away and they would never know."

Notman shot a round into his bedroom. Marnell found his roommate standing in the kitchen saying “It's that time. Time for my last stand.”

He then fired another shot, which hit the dishwasher, before Marnell disarmed his roommate, according to reports in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Police found a diagram for a “Garbage Can Bomb”. Marnell told the police that Notman frequently looked up bomb making techniques and Adolf Hitler on his computer. He also said that Notman talked about his plan to dress up like a gorilla and shoot up Market Square. Police also found a gorilla suit in his bedroom.

Pittsburgh police have turned his laptop over to the FBI.

Notman will appear in court again this Wednesday.

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Sean Notman held as his plot for a shooting spree on St. Patrick's Day is investigatedGoogle Images