Two blast bombs and up to seven petrol bombs have been thrown at PSNI, police officers, who were dealing with a security alert in Lurgan, County Armagh.

Police were called out to Lake Street, Lurgan on a bomb scare and they were then attacked.

The attack has now been declared a hoax but the police have advised the public to avoid the area.

A number of other missiles were also thrown and a number of houses were evacuated due to the alert. Six police have suffered injuries and railway services were disrupted.

The police said that ten people who were known to the police had gathered a crowd of up to 30 during the incident.

Police have called the throwing of bombs completely indiscriminate as the attackers threw bombs over the tops of houses, not knowing where or near whom they would land.

Brian Rea, the Acting Chairman of the Policing Board condemned those responsible for the attack.

He commented that needless acts of violence such as this have caused disruption within the local community, and put not only these officer's lives at risk but also the people living in the area.

Mr Rea added that this small minority were not contributing in any way to moving Northern Ireland forward.

Bombs thrown at police in Armagh