Newlyweds Robert Kennedy III and Amaryllis Fox are expected to welcome their first child by the end of the year.

Is the Kennedy clan expanding?

A source told Page Six that the blissfully married couple had "what they called in the old days a 'shotgun wedding.'"

The anonymous source added that the pregnancy is no secret, teasing, "They are both very open about the pregnancy.”

Wedding bells! Beautiful day. Congrats Bobby & Amaryllis. Xo♥️♥️♥️

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Kennedy III and Fox married at at the Kennedy Compound on Cape Cod last month - and guests reportedly told the outlet that the former CIA spy was pregnant at the time.

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Those in attendance at the low-key but high profile wedding included multiple generations of the Kennedy family, including matriarch Ethel, and actress Susan Sarandon as well as the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven.

Some weeks are so filled to overflowing that it’s hard to conjure words. This was one of those. . Marriage is a mysterious thing — intimate yet communal, earthly yet sacred. In promising our lives to one another, we also promise them to our communities, our country, our world. To hold one another up, to love fiercely and unconditionally, to remember, even in the times of most trial, that we are all parts of one being, destined in our deepest hearts to honor and protect one another as we would honor and protect ourselves. . Never have two people felt luckier in their tribe than we have this week, surrounded by friends and family and music and laughter and wisdom and joy as we crossed the beaming threshold. . And never have I felt deeper love for this country, making our happy way back west, kayaking the great lakes and biking across the mighty Mississippi. Every time I think I know this land, it shows me something still richer, still more full of promise and beauty and hope. . May we each find in our love for those we most treasure a wellspring of love for those we don’t yet know. Or don’t think we want to know. Because that is the ultimate gift of love. It’s a fractal, an inexhaustible, self-replicating force, more powerful than division or darkness or fear. The way we love one person affects hearts in distant corners. Our ripples spread farther than we know. A single act of love can become a hundred thousand. And devotion to one beautiful, beloved other can heal the distance between us all. . #love #marriage #community #wedding #peace

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Fox has one eight-year-old daughter, Zoe, from her previous marriage. 

The New York-born and Oxford graduated Fox worked for the CIA in 16 countries in Africa and Asia before leaving her role in the government back in 2010. She is reportedly an expert in computer coding and helped the government to develop a formula of sorts to predict terrorist activity.

Robert (Bobby) III, the son of Robert F. Kennedy Jr, is a film actor.

Adventure awaits ❤️

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