Speaking at the launch of the Republican National Convention, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell continued familiar GOP campaign rhetoric referring to his own family’s roots in Ireland and recreation of “The American Dream.”

The Notre Dame graduate was speaking on behalf of the GOP’s presidential candidate Mitt Romney and he began his speech by saying, “This election is about restoring the American Dream.”

He continued by speaking about his grandfather who came from Ireland to the United States.

“That dream led my grandfather, a poor farm boy, to leave Ireland 100 years ago and come to Ellis Island to begin his journey of freedom in America.”

McDonnell said, “My grandfather could have never guessed that his son would fight for this nation in World War II, his great granddaughter would lead a platoon in Iraq and his grandson would grow up a middle-class kid in Fairfax County, serve in the Army, and now hold the same job as Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry.

“What an incredible country we call home.”

A familiar thread that linked all the guest speakers on Tuesday night was that of rebuilding America, focusing on Romney’s own financial success.

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The Virginian Governor said, “Big government didn’t build America: You built America! Small businesses don’t come out of Washington, D.C. pre-made on flatbed trucks. While the president talks, Republican governors lead. Talk is cheap. Results matter. Conservative fiscal policies are working, and so are more Americans in states with Republican governors.”

Among the other speakers on Tuesday were New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, former presidential candidate Rick Santorum, and Ann Romney delivered her first speech.

On Wednesday, according to ABC news, Mitt Romney hosted an exclusive event on board a Florida developer's yacht in St. Petersburg. The event was attended by top donors, Romney relatives and McDonnell. This event was especially for donors who had raised more than $1 million for Romney’s campaign.

Here’s Bob McDonnell’s speech:

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