SEE PHOTOS - Cold snap continues

Continuing low temperatures in Ireland mean black ice and freezing fog in Ireland will be the most dangerous problems over the coming week. Meteorologists have said the conditions over the next four days will be “unusual and nasty”.

Gerard Fleming, a forecaster with Ireland’s meteorological services, Met Eireann, said “Where you get freezing fog the moisture goes straight from the fog onto the road and you get black ice.”

Also snow is piled at the sides of the roads following nearly a foot of snow in some parts. This is contributing to the difficulties of black ices as it thaws during the day, wets the roads and then refreezes.

He told the Irish Times “Black ice causes an even bigger problem for drivers than snow because they can’t see it.”

Similarly conditions for pedestrians will be difficult. The numbers of people checking into emergency rooms around the country has increased by 50 percent. Falls on ices lead to serious fractures due the speed of falling on ice.

Flemming said Donegal, Mayo, Sligo and possibly Cavan could all expect snowfalls. The rest of the country would experience rain which would turn to snow on high ground.

By the end the week daytime temperatures will return to normal December numbers of 45 / 46F. It is expected that the snow will not be cleared until next Sunday.

SEE PHOTOS - Cold snap continues