Famous convicted child abuser Oliver O’Grady “an evil menace” living in Waterford city, reported to police

The Bishop of Waterford and Lismore has warned the public in his that former priest and convicted pedophile, Oliver O’Grady, is living largely unsupervised in their community and “actively seeking victims”.

In his letter, sent on Dec 21, to priests and schools in the area Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan warned the community to be “aware that this man continues to be an evil menace to innocent children".

O’Grady (71), a former cleric who served in the California from 1973 onward, has served seven years of a 14-year sentence in the US for the sexual abuse of two brothers over a ten-year period.

In 2001 he was deported to Ireland and in 2010 he was found to be volunteering in Rotterdam, Holland, in a Catholic parish under the pseudonym “Brother Francis”. That year images of the sexual abuse of children were found on his laptop and he was sentenced to three years in prison by the courts in 2012.

Paedo priest Oliver O’Grady offers an apology for his heinous crimes that led to 14-year sentence https://t.co/uAe58P8bKh pic.twitter.com/sPp9a8AbhW

— Irish Sun (@IrishSunOnline) October 3, 2016

Evil menace to innocent children

In his recent letter, Bishop Cullinan warned the people of Ireland that O’Grady is “actively seeking victims in our midst”. He attached a photograph of O’Grady.

TheJournal.ie, who have seen the letter, reported that the Bishop had been updated on the day he wrote the letter of “recent activities” of O’Grady. He warned that it was important “to be aware that this man continues to be an evil menace to innocent children”.

He continued “Please advise your safeguarding representatives and all your parish groups, especially those working in any way with children, to be aware that this man continues to be an evil menace to innocent children.

“If this man is seen in your parish please notify [the] Bishop’s House as soon as possible.”

A spokesperson for the Diocese of Waterford and Lismore said Cullinan sent the letter to the catholic primary schools, as well as the clergy of the diocese, as patron of the Catholic schools in Waterford and Lismore.  Fr Liam Power told the Irish Independent the matter was immediately referred to gardaí (police) and Tusla (the child and family agency) when the Bishop became aware of it.

“Deliver Us from Evil”

In 2005 O’Grady was interviewed for the documentary “Deliver Us from Evil”. He openly discussed his predilection for children and compared these feelings to those for adults.

In this clip, which some may find disturbing, he discusses his attraction to children:

Clerical abuse survivor and former member of the Vatican's Commission for the Protection of Minors, Marie Collins commended the Bishop for sending his letter.

She told the Independent "While it is good to see the bishop issuing this warning and passing on his concerns to gardaí, I would ask who is monitoring this very dangerous pedophile? As Mr O'Grady is no longer a priest, it is not likely that responsibility would lie with the Church. Are the civil authorities taking any action to ensure the children of the area are being properly safeguarded?"

Collins expressed concern about the "many other men who have abused children, served their sentence and now live among us".

According to RTE, Ireland’s national broadcaster, O’Grady is believed to be complying with the terms of his sentence and has informed gardai of where he lives. He is not currently under investigation.

O’Grady is on the Sex Offenders Register, which means that he must inform gardaí of where he resides, or if he moves house. If a person on the sex offenders list fails to comply with these rules, they could face up to five years in prison or a fine of up to €10,000.

Here’s the full trailer the chilling documentary “Deliver Us from Evil”:

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