has chosen to use the Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland's premier tourist attraction on it's homepage.

The Microsoft Internet giant handpicks a different image for each day which showcases places of natural beauty around the globe. On Thursday they choose to use the Giant's Causeway as their front cover picture.

The image will be viewed by millions of Internet users across the world and the home page will also include links and facts about the local area in Co.Antrim.

Alex Payne, Bing Head of Search, said: "Bing not only aims to provide information you need, but also enriches your search experience with new facts and knowledge.

"The homepage is the perfect place to do this and (Thursdays) users will be greeted with a serene image of The Giants Causeway,” he told the Balmoney & Moyle Times.

"Bing is built to give consumers a new search experience by understanding the different ways in which consumers search online, so if you want to find out what else The Giant's Causeway and surrounding areas have to offer, log on to to find out," he added.

Declared as Ireland's first World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986, the Giant's Causeway is often referred to by locals are the eighth wonder of the world. The causeway is comprised of 40,000 polygonal basalt columns and is home to almost 400 species of flora and fauna.