Bill O’Reilly doesn’t think that President Obama should speak out about 'freedom of religion' as it relates to the Islamic Center controversy in lower Manhattan.

In last night’s talking points, O'Reilly opined that Obama had made 'a big mistake' in telling a group of Muslims that the Islamic community in New York City had a right to build an Islamic cultural center which includes a mosque.

O'Reilly asked why Obama wouldn't comment on this 'inappropriate' action which 'even some Muslims understand.'

O'Reilly then showed a poll that indicated that the majority of Americans (not those living in Manhattan) oppose the mosque and that Obama is going against the will of the people by supporting the right of Muslims to build their mosque.

But this is a New York City matter, so why is 'America' voting on it? Don't conservatives believe in local jurisdiction over local matters?

What O'Reilly did not ask is if the siting of religious edifices, in the United States, should now be determined by 'the will of the people' because, as the President pointed out, we do have a constitutional amendment which speaks to freedom of religion.