Bill O'Reilly vowed to publicly apologize for being an idiot if the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act back on March 26. But anyone looking for an apology from the Fox News figurehead was disappointed on Thursday night.

In a historic decision, the Court upheld the individual mandate and their ruling surprised many conservative observers, including O'Reilly, who maintained until the end that the provision would be overturned.

O'Reilly, who called into his own show while on vacation, made no mention of his previous vow on Thursday night. Instead he took the opportunity to convey his own surprise and shock.

'I think everybody needs to take a deep breath and step back from emotional analysis,' he told guest host Laura Ingraham.

But O'Reilly offered some emotional analysis as he squarely pinned the blame for the bills passing on Chief Justice John Roberts, who he said had 'stunned everybody' with his decision.

According to the Huffington Post, O'Reilly then attempted to characterize the bill as a kind of sinister government plot, claiming that it 'will allow the federal government to take over the health care system' and even more ominously that health care 'is going to be rationed.'

O'Reilly added that the Court's decision will give poor Americans free insurance but increase everyone else's taxes in order to pay for it and hurt small businesses, ignoring the fact that anyone who opts out of protection must pay a penalty to keep the system solvent.