‘The O’Reilly Factor’ host Bill O’Reilly is never one to stay calm when his opinion is threatened. In a discussion with radio host Alan Colmes about the Tsarnaev family having received welfare while living in the US, O’Reilly told Colmes to “shut up.”

In the beginning of a segment of his ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ show on Fox, O’Reilly asks, “Why are we the people supporting questionable foreign folks?”

Knowing now that the alleged Boston bombers, Tamerlan and Dzohkar Tsarnaev, proved to be a very real threat to the American public, O’Reilly takes up certain issue with the fact that not only were the family living in the US, but they were also drawing welfare.

O’Reilly demands to know what changes will be made to prevent other foreign families from “conning” the American system again, but says, “For now, it is business as usual and pretty much anyone is let into the USA and then eligible to receive taxpayer money.”

However, Alan Colmes, a radio talk show host, explains to O’Reilly that the welfare was provided to the Tsarnaev parents who qualified and were in the country legally.

“You can’t retroactively know that,” said Colmes of the plot that the Tsarnaev brothers would ultimately concoct and tragically deliver.

Colmes goes on to say that he is not “outraged” as O’Reilly is about the situation of the Tsarnaev’s ever having been on welfare in the US.

“No,” says Colmes, “I think this is manufactured outrage to go after people on welfare, people who go after immigrants.”

O’Reilly cuts off Colmes, asking him if he could go back, would Colmes provide the Tsarnaevs with asylum?

“We had no reason not to,” said Colmes.

“Even though they’re going back and forth to the place that is persecuting them?!” says O’Reilly, clearly heated. “Driving a Mercedes Benz? And getting welfare? That’s okay?” O’Reilly continues.

Cutting off Colmes, O’Reilly says twice ‘Shut up!’ in order to get his point across further. Colmes remains relatively calm and stands by his point that there is no way anyone could have known what the Tsarnaev’s were planning.

Watch the segment here:

Bill O'Reilly appears on the Fox News show, "The O'Reilly Factor,"Jeff Christensen/ AP