Bill O'Reilly blasted what he called the 'anti-Second Amendment crowd' in the media for pushing a gun control agenda in the aftermath of Monday's Navy Yard massacre.

Some news outlets falsely reported that the Washington Navy Yard shooter had an AR-15 rifle at the scene, which O'Reilly saw as their opportunity to push an anti-guns agenda.

But Fox news guest Howard Kurtz countered that O’Reilly was overstating the case, arguing that having a gun control conversation doesn’t necessarily equate pushing an agenda.

O’Reilly mentioned the New York Daily News' AR-15 cover, as well as MSNBC making a 'big deal' about the news as an excuse to connect it to past mass shootings (it later emerged the shooter had not careered one). But O'Reilly called the reports a 'coordinated effort' and a 'hysterical reaction' from the liberal media 'opposing the majority' on gun rights.

According to Mediaite, Kurtz said it’s not 'unreasonable' to keep the debate going, telling him that many in the liberal media likely don’t have a problem with 'legitimate gun owning.'

O’Reilly fired back that Kurtz has to be 'kidding' if he thinks it’s not widespread liberal institutional bias.

8,259 Americans have been shot dead in the USA since the Newtown massacre on December 14, 2012 that saw twenty first grade children and six school personnel shot dead by a lone gunman in Connecticut with an AR-15 rifle.

Watch the video below, via Fox News: