Fox news pundit Bill O'Reilly claims he knows why Mitt Romneyand the Republican Partywere so strongly defeated in the November 6 election.

'Secular progressives’ have persuaded the majority of the nation to vote for progressive change O'Reilly lamented. In response, O'Reilly is now calling for the a new kind of conservative candidate to confront the 'reality of our situation.'

Traditional America, by which O'Reilly apparently implies white voters, can make their presence felt again O’Reilly said, with the right person to make it happen.

According to Mediaite, O'Reilly pointed to Mitt Romney's poor showing among the voters he apparently considers non-traditional Americans - blacks, women and Latinos.

'It was an entitlement election,' O'Reilly said, inferring that your skin color or your sex can make you more or less dependent on government programs or social policies. But a recent report by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) indicates that vastly more white people are on food stamps than people of color, however.

'The media would have you believing the election confirmed election ideology. While that’s not true,' O'Reilly said, 'secularism is eroding traditional power.'

'On paper, the stats look hopeless for traditional Americans,' O’Reilly said. 'But they can be reversed. However, it will take a very special politician to do that. By the way, Mitt Romney didn’t even try to marginalize secularism. He basically ignored it.'

O’Reilly pointed to the issues of out-of-wedlock births, abortion and entitlements as instances of the evils of secular progressivism. Secular progressives 'don’t want limitations on so-called private behavior,' he said.

'The majority of Americans can still be persuaded,' O’Reilly concluded, 'that the far-leftis dangerous outfit, bent on destroying traditional America and replacing it with a social free-fire zone that drives dependency and poverty.'

'We need to confront that,' he added. 'But too many of our politicians are too cowardly to do so.'