Fox news anchor Bill O’Reilly slammed Monday’s night presidential debate as boring, before proclaiming that ‘nobody won’.

Speaking on Fox News' morning program on Tuesday, O’Reilly offered his analysis of the final debate which was hosted by CBS News' Bob Schieffer.

“Nobody won," O'Reillysaid gloomily. "It was boring, so boring. It was the most boring debate I've ever seen...I think the American people were the real losers.”

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The right-wingcommentator said he thought voters got nothing out of the debate: “Did you learn anything?" he asked the Fox News hosts? "Did you learn anything about the world and your country?”

He added: “Nobody learned anything, so why are we doing this?"

He also criticized Romney for doing ‘nothing’ during the final debate, attributing his muted performance as an attempt to lure female voters.