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President Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize win has been a rather contentious issue with both liberals and conservatives in the U.S.

Many say Obama doesn’t deserve the award, and some have even called for the president to turn it down.

But the typically hyper-critical Bill O’Reilly is definitely not one of these naysayers.

The Fox News political pundit, who’s known as one of the president’s most outspoken critics, is defending the Nobel Prize committee’s choice, calling it “a win for the country.”

“Now if you listened to talk radio today, some are very agitated the president is being honored by the Nobel committee,” O’Reilly said.

Then he pointed out the views of angry conservatives such as Rush Limbaugh:

“Well, critics rightfully point out President Obama hasn't really done anything concrete to bring peace to the world. The Nobel people say it was Obama's mostly pre-presidential rhetoric that brought him the award. His attempt to bridge the divide, for example, between Muslims and the West, among other things. And certainly, that's a legitimate point. Is it enough for the award? Well, you make the call.”

O’Reilly goes on to explain the views of disappointed liberals:

“Now, on the other side, Mr. Obama is a predator drone kind of guy. His administration's blowing the hell out of terrorists in Pakistan from the sky. Justified but not exactly peaceful. The president's also waging war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Again, justified, but brutal. So on paper, the Peace Prize looks to be a political prize,” he said.

O’Reilly’s view doesn’t align with either side, with the commentator explaining that in this case, patriotism trumps politics, and saying he “does not share the dissent.”

“Having a U.S. president honored with a peace prizes is good for the country. It's as simple as that,” he said.

“We should want the world to think we're a nation that gives peace a chance, because that's what we are.

“In the past, teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter, they won the Nobel Peace Prize. Carter after he lost office. Yasser Arafat also won the Nobel Peace Prize, if you can believe it. But again, so did Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mother Theresa.

“There are times when what's good for America should trump partisan politics. President Obama was honored today. And deserved or not, the world is hearing America and peace in the same sentence. That's good."