Irish-American talking head Bill O’Reilly joined in on the buzz about David Letterman’s sex and extortion scandal on his show Monday night.

The conservative host of Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” surprisingly took a sympathetic stance towards late night comedian, who announced on his October 1st show that he had sex with several of his female employees, and a CBS producer had threatened him with an extortion attempt.

O’Reilly said Letterman’s confession was “a sordid situation [but] we don’t want to revel in suffering.”

But the political pundit’s guest, fellow Fox News commentator Bernie Goldberg, went for the attack, saying:  “Let’s say it was Rush Limbaugh [in this situation]. The media would give it more ink than Hiroshima.”

O’Reilly agreed, saying, “Yeah, if he had been a conservative, it would have been more about his hypocrisy,” but then quickly hopped back to Dave’s defense.

“If you’re a comedian, you tell jokes, your writing staff gives you jokes, you’re not gonna be a perfect person, you can’t blame him for telling jokes about people like Eliot Spitzer — that was a prostitution beef, no comparison [to Letterman's situation],” he said.