Bill O'Reilly is making no secret of his desire to see the back of the Obama administration, and the question of the moment appears to be how best to achieve this longed-for goal?

Picking what he considers to be the biggest scandal currently besetting the administration, O'Reilly began the week by declaring on his Fox News show that the political targeting by the IRS could be a much bigger story than Benghazi.

But as the week wore on O'Reilly apparently became more convinced that the Benghazi scandal is in fact the biggest deal.

To underline that point O'Reilly then blasted his fellow Fox pundit Laura Ingraham, because he claimed that the Associated Press (AP) controversy 'isn't a scandal.'

O'Reilly reminded Ingraham that it is not yet known how the Department of Justice obtained the records in the AP controversy. So O'Reilly gave them the benefit of the doubt. The facts of the case have yet to be established he added, and the scandal might not have legs.

This claim visibly exasperated Ingraham, who insisted that indeed it was a huge scandal.

But huge scandal fatigue has increasingly crept into the non-stop red alert coverage with polls showing that the majority of the US public has no interest at all in the Benghazi scandal.

According to the latest Pew Research poll 56 percent of Americans are not following the Benghazi story, 44 percent are interested, 37 percent believe the Obama administration has been honest about Benghazi, 40 percent say they have been dishonest. 23 percent don't know.

But O'Reilly was undaunted by the figures this week, firing ahead on his program. 'The IRS of course admitting it targeted conservatives,' he claimed. 'But listen to this, just hours earlier than what the President just said, Jay Carney was saying that the White House can't really explain how the IRS corruption happened because the FBI is investigating.'

The administration's response to these scandals has been halting and unconvincing, O'Reilly claimed. But he reiterated that Benghazi offers the most open ended questions

'All this chaos is putting an enormous amount of pressure on the executive branch as the President is not going to get anything done until he himself addresses the scandals in detail. Again, telling us how these things happened.'