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Bill Maher, controversial host of Real Time With Bill Maher on HBO, came out swinging against a law recently proposed for legislation in Kentucky requiring pregnant women who are considering abortion to view an ultrasound of their unborn fetus.

The liberal American TV pundit, who has Irish and Jewish roots, reasoned that if women are forced to view an ultrasound while weighing the pros and cons of having an abortion then they also should be forced to see "a crying baby, a bratty five year old, and a surly teenager to see what will happen if she doesn't."

Maher not only tackled abortion, but also raised issues ranging from American national debt to climate change, relating such issues to the perils of bringing up children in the world of the present day: "And you have to tell her it costs $204,000 to raise it until it turns 18 in 2028 where it will be a slave to the Chinese in a radioactive world with no animals, fish, or plants." Though Maher's views are oftentimes controversial the bill that he referred to created a furor among the liberal left, before being vetoed by the Kentucky State House panel in February.

The divide in beliefs regarding abortion has been a temperamental, decades-long issue in American politics and society. Despite the bill being rejected in Kentucky similar anti-abortion bills have been proposed in other states within the last few months, adding more fuel to the fire for Maher and others of the pro-choice persuasion.  

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