Having announced his plan to donate $1 million dollars of his own money to a so-called Super Political Action Committee (PAC) in support of President Obama, comedian and pundit Bill Maher appeared on the Piers Morgan show this week to discuss issues as diverse as cutting the check to Hollywood to the Constitution.

Maher began with a discussion on gun control in America, where he made it clear he did not want to eliminate all guns, however he said that the way they are revered in American society concerns him.

'I find the gun laws in this country incomprehensible,' Morgan told Maher in a report that ran on Mediaite.com, which led to Maher explaining the laws by explaining the culture.

'I look at guns like antibiotic, sometimes you need them, but I don’t kiss my antibiotics, I don’t worship them,' the way he feels many in America worship guns.


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'Rick Santorum likes to talk about theology - this is a theology in this country, this is a religion,' Maher explained.

Further explaining American gun culture Maher explained that he understood the value of having a Second Amendment, but he noted that the context in which that amendment was written could never have anticipated the way guns would eventually evolve in terms of their firepower and ability to do harm.

'The Constitution could not foresee assault weapons,' Maher said, clarifying that 'no one is saying that we are attempting to create a gun free society, just reasonable limits.'

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