Former president Bill Clinton will host an extraordinary round-table meeting of leading American business leaders in  New York on Thursday of this week as part of his Global Economic Forum.

Clinton will be joined at the all-morning session by Irish leader Enda Kenny, Foreign Minister  Eamon Gilmore and Jobs Minister Richard Bruton.

Up to 20 leading American business leaders are expected to attend, many of whom have not been involved to this point in Irish investment.

The meeting will be chaired by Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley considered a likely contender for the White House in 2016.

Afterwards, at New York University, Clinton and Kenny will meet with 100 leaders in the Irish American community to lay out the proposals and commitments they have received.


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The Clinton move came after he attended the Irish economic forum in Dublin in September and pledged to help Ireland overcome its major recession.

Enda Kenny will address the Forum on the progress Ireland is making in dealing with the economic challenges facing the country. Eamon Gilmore will also speak  about the progress made since the Global Irish Economic Forum in Dublin last October.

Kenny will be visiting New York twice in the coming weeks for the economic summit and also for a fundraiser for Dublin’s leading children’s hospital hosted by former athlete Eamon Coghlan and golfer Graeme McDowell.

Coghlan just announced he is joining the Fine Gael party. He was nominated for a senate seat by Kenny as an independent.