The Clinton Foundation has donated $500,000 to Sean Penn’s charity, J/P Haitian Relief Organization. Former president Bill Clinton announced his support for the film star’s relief charity.

The money provided by the Clinton Foundation will provide for bridge funding for a camp in Petionville. The former president said their donation will also help to provide health care, education and job training for tens of thousands of people displaced by the earthquake in January.

Clinton said, “Rebuilding housing for more than 1 million people displaced by the earthquake will take time, as teams on the ground continue to clear rubble and build infrastructure, including water and sanitation systems...In the interim, our commitment to the Petionville camp, managed by J/P HRO, will ensure the 55,000 people living there, including many children, can access health care, education, and job training services until families are able to move into more permanent homes."

Speaking to People magazine Sean Penn said, “The support of President Clinton and the Clinton Foundation is an extraordinary boost in our organization's ability to continue its work in Haiti...From the beginning the Clinton Foundation staff and leadership have generously shared expertise and essential logistical support."

Penn also thanked the mostly Haitian staff of his organization for earning Clinton’s faith and performing “heroic and vital services.”