Sharing pictures with your friends on Facebook is usually a fun experience. Unless those pictures are exposing you as a remorseless bigamist, that is.

That's what happened to Brian Frain, 36, the two time groom who probably wishes he had never clicked send.

According to the Irish Mirror Frain was already married when he once again tied the knot with Louise Meredith, a fact that he kept that secret from his new bride.

When his first wife Anne-Marie Sim tried to track him down to get a divorce five years after they split up, she spotted the picture that stopped her in her tracks on Facebook.

The police were called and Frain reportedly faces jail time now after admitting to bigamy when he appeared before magistrates.

Frain wed his first wife Anne-Marie in 1999 after a whirlwind romance, the court was told. But they broke up after two months and she moved away to Scotland.

Years later when she wanted to marry again she instructed her lawyers to find him but they couldn't find a trace of him.

So Anne-Marie took matters into her own hands and looked him up on Facebook, where she found the incriminating picture taken in 2009, at the same registry office in Manchester where they had ten years earlier tied the knot themselves.

Second wife Louise knew nothing about his previous marriage, the court heard. Prosecutor David Curtis told Tameside magistrates that Frain admitted to police he had previously wed. But he added that due to the amount of time that had passed, he assumed he was no longer married to his first wife. He did not inform the registry office and took no legal advice.

Louise, 34, of Droylsden, said in a statement: 'I was under the impression this was Brian’s first marriage. The wedding went well. I truly believed I was his first wife. This has affected me.'

The pair are no longer together.

Rachel Wilson, defending, said that Frain had fully complied with police after his arrest. She added: 'He believed his marriage no longer existed because of the fact it was only for two months and it was 10 years ago. He accepts that he was ignorant.'

The trial is set to continue on August 7.