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Irish Traveler families featured in the Channel 4 series "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" are considering legal action over the impact of the show on their community.

The documentary series examined the lead up to the weddings and lives of Irish and Roma gypsies living in Britain. The show, which ended this week, pulled in over 8 million viewers per week.

A representative of the traveling community told the Daily Mail that the series had led to bullying and was affecting their livelihoods. The community is asking for £10 million ($11.8 million) in compensation.

These claims have emerged after Paddy Doherty (51), a father of one of families featured, said that he had played up a 'hard man' person for the cameras. Doherty is known as a bare-knuckle box and in a different documentary, "Danny Dyer's Deadliest Men", he had claimed that he ate his opponents 'like a bar of chocolate.'

This week he appeared in court and claimed that he had not taken part in a fight in 30 years.

According to the Daily Star, the traveling community has had wedding bookings cancelled and gypsy men are being refused work.

The Irish Traveler Movement in Britain has said they are "extremely disappointed' with the series and said gypsy children are being bullied after the show.

Channel Four have not confirmed whether they are considering a second series.