The Aisling Irish Community Center in Yonkers is expanding and will be doubling its current space. The center will also introduce new programs for the benefit of the entire community.  

“Having endured space limitations for many years which impeded our ability to develop and introduce new programs and events, the ideal opportunity presented itself when the adjacent business premises was recently vacated,” a press release from the Aisling Center said.

“Our plans include a conference room, additional office space and a large multi-function room which will be used to facilitate cultural events, plays and screenings” said Orla Kelleher, executive director of the Aisling Center, which is located at 990 McLean Avenue. 

“Having a much larger space will be conducive to accommodating more people for our regular programs such as our weekly free lunch for our Young at Heart senior group, Irish music and dance classes and occasional receptions for visiting dignitaries.

“This community is in need of a multi-purpose space as we lack a venue that can host plays, drama groups and film screenings.  Our expanded center will provide a new social outlet for so many in this community, Kelleher added.  “As always, our ethos is to provide our programs, services and events at rates that are affordable to all.”

While much of the work is being done pro bono, the expansion project will cost in excess of $150,000 to complete.  

"We are hopeful that individuals as well as business owners throughout New York will once again show their support for this project as well as supporting our efforts to ‘Keep the Tradition Alive’ through our cultural programs and events.  The Aisling Center exists for the benefit of the Irish community throughout New York, both young and old.  Support is an investment for Irish emigrants, both present and future,” Kelleher added.

Founded in 1996, the Aisling Irish Community Center offers a wide range of programs and services, including confidential counseling for a myriad of psychosocial, family and mental health issues. 

For more information, call 914-237-5121 or visit

Renovations in progress at the Aisling Irish Center.