Members of the Belfast City Council who felt they were intimidated and threatened by supporters of ‘Save Lennox,’ a campaign to save a dog who was on death-row, are now seeking review of the safety procedures in place to help protect them.

The Belfast Telegraph reports that new policies meant to protect members of the Belfast City Council are currently being drawn up. Reportedly, members of the Council were faced with “abuse, harassment and intimidation” from members of the public during the ‘Save Lennox’ campaign.

The campaign to ‘Save Lennox’ began two years ago when a pitbull-like dog named Lennox was seized from its owner Caroline Barnes in May 2010. The dog was ordered to be put down, but legal battles have been going back and forth. A final decision about the dog’s fate is expected to be made on May 24.

Minutes from a council meeting on May 18th read that council members encountered “online harassment and physical attacks on property and people” during the ‘Save Lennox’ efforts. The proposed new safety measures “focus on what they should do if they [council members] are abused on social media sites.”

The matter is now under investigation by the Attorney General, and the new proposals are expected to be approved by the weekend.

Lennox as a pupGoogle Images