Barbara Sheehan has told a Queens Criminal Court that she kept shooting her husband, a retired NYPD cop, until he couldn’t hurt her anymore.

“I knew he was positively going to kill me,” she told a Queens court on Monday.

“He would always chase me and catch me. So I knew he would catch me. So I shot the gun. I don’t know how many times I shot. I just fired. I stopped firing when I didn’t feel threatened anymore. I grabbed the guns, closed the door and ran downstairs.”

Sheehan, a 50-year-old mother of two is on trial for the murder of her husband Raymond, on February 18, 2008. Her defense maintains she committed the murder as she feared for her own life.

“He’d hit me on my nose, in my eyes. I couldn’t physically fight him back. He was a lot bigger than me,’’ she said, according the New York Post.

Sheehan told the court that her and her husband had argued the night before the murder about a proposed vacation to Florida. She alleges that the following morning the argument once again erupted as her husband demanded that they go on vacation.
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As she had been beaten badly on a previous holiday, Sheehan says she refused to go. She told the court he then held a gun to her head and she testified it was then she realized she had to make a run for it.

She briefly visited a friend’s house before returning home to collect some cash enabling her to leave Raymond for once and for all.

“I just had to get away,” Sheehan testified. “I didn’t want him to hurt me or my kids.’’

Sheehan said she grabbed one of her husband’s loaded guns as she feared the worst “thinking maybe he wouldn’t shoot me if I had the gun.”

She claimed her husband then emerged from the bathroom and had another gun in his hand.

“He said he was going to kill me,” Sheehan told the court, sobbing through her words. “So I shot the gun I had in my hand. He had the big gun, I had the little gun. I don’t know how many times I shot it. I couldn’t aim it. I just shot. I never shot a gun before.”

She testified her husband dropped the gun and then slid down between the bathtub and toilet.

He then tried to reach for his his gun but she snatched it before he could and proceeded to shoot him. “I didn’t intend to kill him,” she insisted. “I just wanted him to stop and not kill me.”

Before detailing the shooting, the court heard about the alleged abuse Sheehan had suffered at the hands of her husband, including kinky sex acts where he wore women’s clothes and adult diapers.

The court heard that much abuse was witnessed by the couple’s two children. Jennifer, now 25 and Raymond Jr, now 21, who are both due to testify in defense of their mother.

She claimed her deceased husband always had at least two guns on him in the house.

“While he was watching TV, [one] would be on the table,” Sheehan said.

“He’d take it to the bathroom, and while he was showering, he always had a gun on him.”

“I tried calling 911, and he’d beat me with the receiver,” Sheehan said. “He said, ‘I'm the police and they’d never believe you.'”