The Queens mother acquitted of murdering her husband says she withheld sex from him for over a decade as he patronized transvestite prostitutes.

“I don’t know if there were actually affairs,” Barbara Sheehan told WPIX/Channel 11 News in her first interview since being acquitted of murder.

“I think it was more prostitution kind of stuff which happened randomly with different people, which as far as I was concerned is why the sex stopped in my life,” she said.

“He would meet up with young people and he would dress like a woman, they would dress like a woman,” Sheehan said, adding: “there were no women”.

“It’s been at least 10 years since we had any sex.
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“He was into that, diapers, acting like a baby, or having someone else act like a baby,” Sheehan said.

“He wanted me to watch him do things. He would do things to himself.”

Sheehan said she is taking college classes and hopes to become a social worker some day. She hopes to return to Rikers Island jail to mentor female inmates according to station spokeswoman Jessica Bellucci.

Sheehan was released on $1million from Rikers Island on Monday while she awaits sentencing on November 10 for weapons possessions in relation to the death of her husband.

After a gripping murder trial, jurors found the mother-of-two not guilty of murder, but guilty of gun possession after she shot her husband with two guns which were licensed to him. The court heard that Sheehan was subjected to decades of domestic and verbal abuse by her husband.