William Shulken, a former Marine, told a Queen’s court on Monday the moment he discovered Barbara Sheehan in possession of a firearm, after shooting her husband.

"I killed him," Sheehan told him, he told the court.  "He's upstairs in the bathroom," she allegedly said. "I shot him. He was going to take me to Florida. He was going to kill me."

Sheehan had just fired 11 shots into her husband killing him, retired NYPD detective Raymond Sheehan.

The ex-marine, turned UPS driver was making a delivery when on the morning of February 18, 2008 when two women screamed at him, “she needs help”.

When he entered the family’s Howard Beach home, he directed Sheehan to “drop the guns”.
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Sheehan dropped the 9-mm. Glock and a .38-caliber revolver, that had belonged to her husband and Shulken stood on the guns while he waited for police to arrive.

"I didn't want to give the police any reason to shoot me," Shulken told the jury during Sheehan’s murder trial in Queens Supreme Court on Monday.

"I'm trying to keep my cool. I'm trying to keep myself alive and trying to keep others safe."

The court heard that the mother-of-two then fell to her knees in the foyer while her mother and sister comforted her.

Sheehan’s defense Michael Dowd maintains his client gunned down her husband  of 24-years after almost two decades of physical abuse. The trial continues.