Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has been granted a sit down interview with President Barack Obama on Super Bowl Sunday just before the game.

Josh Earnest, the White House spokesperson, says that it is in keeping with granting a pre-game interview with a network which broadcasts the Super Bowl. Last year, the President was interviewed by Katie Couric on CBS.

During the first year of Obama’s presidency, Fox and the White House clashed with Fox over it’s alignment with the Republican Party. However, these tensions have subsided and in March 2010, President Obama had a sit-down interview with Fox anchor Bret Baier.

The interview will be taped at the White House while the Super Bowl will be played in the new Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Texas on Sunday, February 6.

With a new episode of “Glee” showing after the game and the presidential interview before it, Fox is sure to pull in viewers.