The family of bankrupt billionaire Sean Quinn have made new allegations against shamed RTE television program 'Prime Time.'

As controversy rages on over the program’s libel against missionary priest Fr Kevin Reynolds, an official complaint has been lodged with RTE by Quinn’s family.

They claim a November 3rd 'Prime Time report' on the family’s ongoing row with Anglo Irish Bank over unpaid loans "defamed" the Quinn family.

Now bankrupt and with just $15,000 in his bank account, Quinn’s defence has been taken up by his daughter Ciara according to a report in the Sunday Independent newspaper.

The tycoon’s eldest daughter has claimed that the 'Prime Time' report on the bank’s battle to recoup up to $4 billion it claims it is owed by the Quinns, was libelous.

Ciara Quinn says the program was "entirely biase" and accused the family of "criminal activity" according to the paper.


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She lodged an official complaint with the Irish state broadcaster RTE last Thursday and may also take her case to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland which is already investigating the Fr Reynolds libel.

In the four-page complaint, Ciara Quinn alleges that the report took a "deliberately persuasive and entirely biased" approach towards the Quinn family.

“The report lacked fairness, impartiality, objectivity, integrity and independence. RTE has also defamed us,” states Ciara in the official documentation.

She further claims that the family was accused of "criminal activity" and that the term "espionage" was used to "besmirch" their reputation.

Quinn also claims that her family were deliberately portrayed negatively in a manner which could prejudice "pending litigation" before the courts.

She also says that the report gave no airtime to the Quinn’s defence against Anglo whom it claims loaned them the money to support its own share price.

“While ignoring this position entirely, the programme concentrated on damning by implication and falsehood the actions of the Quinn family as being underhand and to the detriment of the Irish taxpayer to whom it was repeatedly suggested that a debt is owed,” she wrote.

Married to a solicitor, Quinn refers in her complaint to "selective editing" and "factual inaccuracies." She is currently involved in litigation between the bank and her family.

A spokesperson for RTE confirmed to the Sunday Independent that the Quinn family complaint is "being dealt with" but made no further comment.

RTE is currently under investigation over the massive libel pay-out to Fr Reynolds while beaten Presidential candidate Sean Gallagher has also lodged an official complaint about the station’s actions during a live debate.