James O’Gara, 32, is from New Jersey but for the past two years he’s been living in Ireland. Not for much longer.

The U.S. wants the gardai (Irish police) to deliver O’Gara, who stole $12,600 from a bank in the Bronx in April 2007. As he left the bank, he lost not just his gun, but also his cash.

Empty-handed, he fled to Ireland, where he had an address at Edward Square, Galway city. And now he’s been caught, according to an Irish Times report today.

O’Gara wasn’t long in Ireland before the police were on his tail.

In July of this year, the Irish High Court issued a warrant him. And this Tuesday a garda sergeant, Seán Fallon, arrested him, in Roscommon – oddly enough, at a garda station.