CO. Mayo lawyer Michael Lynn, who has been on the run from authorities in Ireland over v80 million owed to Irish banks, was stopped by U.S. immigration officers at Newark on Friday, January 11 but was not arrested.A court order has been issued for the 39-year-old lawyer's arrest, but foreign police forces do not have the power to make the arrest. Although, Lynn's description was released to Interpol after he failed to show up for questioning by the Law Society of Ireland before Christmas, the order, which was made in civil court, may only be enforced inside Ireland.Lynn, a big time promoter of overseas apartments and villas, is wanted for questioning in relation to the millions he used to create an extravagant lifestyle for himself, including a share in an executive jet.According to Tuesday's Irish Independent, banks pursuing the lawyer think he may have "laundered and liquidated assets in foreign countries and misappropriated the proceeds of loans they issued to Lynn in good faith."Lynn's Irish bank accounts are frozen, but his international accounts are currently not accessible by Irish authorities. It is believed that Lynn had accounts in various European countries.Immigration officers spotted Lynn at Newark Airport on Friday when he got off a plane from Lisbon. Lynn told officers that he was on a three day visit to the U.S. and planned on returning to Lisbon on Sunday.It is unclear at time of print if Lynn returned to Portugal on Sunday as planned.