The Ladyboys of Bangkok have taken center stage in Belfast as part of their 2009 Mile High Tour. The transvestites are performing in the Spiegeltent in Custom House Square and will perform two shows a night as part of their two week residency, which runs until November 21.

There are 16 ladyboys that take part in the performance. Although they look like attractive women, they are actually men and have had extensive cosmetic surgery to look like ladies.

Philip Gandey, who directs and produces the show, spoke about the growing phenomenon that is the Mile High Tour.

"It's very much a word of mouth thing. It's a show that people really have to come and see for themselves and then go and tell their friends about it. When we started in the UK in Edinburgh 11 years ago it was quite a small affair. But this year we're the biggest out there, selling over 40,000 tickets," he said.

Consisting of cabaret-style shenanigans, the ladyboys perform stunning dance scenes and feature Michael Jackson and Rod Stewart lookalikes. Speaking about their upcoming visit to Belfast, Gandey said, "The Belfast audiences love the Ladyboys and the Ladyboys love Belfast."

The show is aptly named after the capital of Thailand, which is synonymous for it's large and convincing ladyboy population. Originally from Thailand, the Ladyboys are raising a few eyebrows of their own with their provocative performances.