Read more: Guinness and Baileys Irish cupcakes

Mother of four-year-old Brooklyn Davis claims that her daughter was served alcohol at a south side Chicago Chili's last Sunday night.

Davis says that she ordered her daughter a chocolate milkshake but the child received an alcoholic Mudslide instead. The cocktail contains vodka, Kahlua and Bailey's Irish Cream.

The concerned mother noted that something was not right when her daughter didn't finish her shake. Davis told NBC "She (waitress) tried to take the drink and leave the shake and I said no, leave the drink and go get your manager. And that's when I pulled out my camera phone and I took pictures. And after I took the pictures, I called the police."

At the hospital Brooklyn was diagnosed with alcohol ingestion overdose. The Chicago family has filed a legal suit against Chili's however the restaurant chain's officials dispute their claims.

This claim comes just one week after a Michigan family filed a suit against Applebee's for serving a 15-month-old a margarita mix instead of apple juice.

Read more: Guinness and Baileys Irish cupcakes