A young Irishman is suffering from a baffling brain disease, which means his father has to keep telling him, his mother has died.

Doctors say his condition has never been seen before in the medical world and they are desperately trying to find a cure. They may well seek advice in America on the condition.

Dubliner Hugh Butler is just 19 and underwent surgery to have a tumor removed from his brain in March. Soon after his baffling condition began.

He suffered severe loss of short-term memory. His mother Hannah died of cancer weeks after his operation but his father Michael Butler has had to tell him hundreds of times since she has died, causing him to grieve anew each time.

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He has also developed an insatiable appetite and doctors are seeking to come up with a solution to it before he becomes morbidly obese

His case made national news in Ireland and the film of his father telling him and retelling him his mother has died while he becomes visibly distressed is poignant and heart breaking.

His dad says they are still hopeful Hugh will get better.

“From a physical point of view Hugh is now mobile an independent. But his memory has not come back and his eating disorder has not subsided,” he said.

Stickers and post it notes are all over his room telling him why he is in hospital and reminding him of the day and the time.

Dr. Mark Delargy told the Irish Independent that his condition has baffled the experts. “We have never seen a situation where we have this gross eating disorder and very severe obliteration of short –term memory in one patient,” he said.

His story is being featured in the RTE documentary "The Road to Rehab".