The two-day old baby abandoned in a Dublin hostel has been re-united with his mother and is already back home in Germany with his family.

The Irish Sun newspaper has reported that the little boy found in a hostel bedroom in April is living with his mum again.

She had fled to Dublin airport and boarded a flight to Germany before hostel workers found the newborn baby.

Now the child, named Luke by Dublin police officers investigating the case, is back in the German city of Dusseldorf.

The mum, a student at University College Dublin, has been granted full custody of her child after an Irish Family Court ruled she is fit to raise him.

She could still face child neglect charges after police officers sent a file on the case to the Director of Public Prosecutions.

A source told the Irish Sun said: “Police have made their position clear - the best thing for her was to return to Germany to receive the support of her family.

“The child may be an Irish citizen but he should be with his mother.

“She was in a distressed state but has now accepted her responsibilities.”

The baby was found at The Glen Guest House in Dublin on April 14 by cleaning lady Zhana Klisuoska almost three hours after his mother had gone to the airport.

Glen receptionist Goran Josifov, 34, praised the mum for being reunited with her son.

He said: “This is what everyone was praying for and we’re delighted.”

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