The average Irish teenager spends almost $900 on their prom night equivalent, according to British retailer Debenhams.

Traditionally, Irish high school leavers fork out hundreds of Euros on their dress, beauty treatments, and accessories for their debs nights celebration.

As well as the costs associated with looking their best on the night, they also have to cough up an additional €80 ($101) or-so on tickets for the event.

According to the clothing retailer, bookings for beauty and makeup treatments increased by 45 percent this year.

“The Debs is such a huge tradition among teens in Ireland and girls want to ensure they look the part. There is a big element of competition at play, so it’s vital that girls find the perfect dress, with teens and parents willing to pay big money to dazzle and outshine their classmates,” said Karen Nason, a spokeswoman for Debenhams.

“At Debenhams we notice a huge increase in girls coming in to book make-up appointments from August onwards, with further girls enquiring about make-up and application. Eyelashes, nails and full make-up play an important role in the Debs night,” she added.

Here’s a rundown of  what the average teen forks out:

•    Manicure and Pedicure: €50 ($63)
•    Spray tan: €40 ($50)
•    Dress: €250 ($315)
•    Shoes: €90 ($113)
•    Accessories: €100 ($126)
•    Make-up: €50 ($63)
•    Upstyle: €50 ($63)
•    Eyebrow shaping: €30 ($37)
•    Highlights: €125 ($157)
•    Total cost: €695 ($877)

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Teens on their way to the debs the Irish equivalent of the US prom