A survey has found that Irish parents are spending an average €70,000 ($92,000) on educating their children.

The newly commissioned survey finds that primary school costs approximately of €13,500 ($17,000) over eight years and secondary school was found to be costing parents in the region of €14,000 ($18,000).

But third level education tops the list of the education expenses. According to the survey the cost of Irish third level education is  €42,000 ($55,000), which although small in comparison to American university costs, is also on the rise back home, with talks of third level fees being re-introduced.

A separate survey from the Department of Education is also setting out to evaluate Irish childrens’ perceptions of school life. The upcoming survey, part of the Whole School Evaluation (WSE) initiative.

The survey is to ask the schoolchildren questions such as ‘how do you enjoy school?’ in order to assess their response to the Irish education system and also to ascertain whether or not problems like bullying are widespread in Irish schools.

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