Ghosts have reportedly been seen at Ireland's Connolly Station in Dublin, leading to some Irish ghost hunters claiming they have received multiple reports of strange happenings at the busy train station in the city center.

Perhaps it's not so strange as it sounds, as many commuters found it easy to believe people had died waiting for tardy trains.

Paranormalist Tim Kelly told the Herald that he wants to hear reports from commuters who may have witnessed something strange or startling.

"We've heard that there is poltergeist activity in Connolly Station," Tim told the Herald. "We want to find out what this is all about because it could be huge."

It could be huge, but at the moment it's completely unsubstantiated. Even the plucky Ghost Busters admit they have yet to approach CIE (the Irish train service) and the operators of the station to obtain permission to investigate. But they say they're more than prepared.

"It would take an hour and a half to set up. We have thermal imaging cameras, cutting-edge stuff," Kelly explained. "We go in like the American teams - it's a very technical approach. We'll have four or five cameras on the night," Kelly said.

"Sometimes the human ear can't pick up the voices and they are only audible once recorded on the audio recorders and reviewed," Tim added.