An Australian TV presenter has been criticized after he insinuated that Irish republicans may be linked to Monday’s bomb blast in Boston, which claimed the lives of three people and injured more than 170.

Sunrise co-presenter David Koch made the comments on Tuesday morning’s program as a panel discussed the aftermath of the bombing on one of Australia's most popular breakfast shows.

Koch posed the question, “It’s [Boston] a very big Irish Catholic city, we’ve got Margaret Thatcher’s funeral coming up tomorrow in London. Is it a really long stretch to think they could be related?”

The former British Prime Minister was laid to rest on Wednesday.

Immediately following his comments viewers took to Twitter to complain about the Channel Seven host.

Ray McCarroll tweeted: “just read bout your conspiracy theory on the Boston irish/thatcher/marathon bombs. That's some great investigative journalism.[sic]”

Declan Heneghan took to twitter to also condemn Koch’s remarks saying: “Blaming the Irish for the Boston Bombings that's just low!!!! [sic]”

Kevin Hussey tweeted: “Very disappointed to hear @kochie_online linking the Boston marathon to an Irish/Thatcher connection. Even by 7's standards this is low. [sic]”

The Australian anchor made headlines for the wrong reasons in January also when he told women to be 'classy and discreet' when nursing their children in public. In response a crowd of angry mothers staged a mass-breastfeeding outside the studios of the breakfast show.

Watch Tuesday’s segment here (exchange from 3.08):

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