A Melbourne bus company intends to entice Irish bus drivers with lucrative four-year work contracts.

The Ventura Bus Company which operates the public transport system in Melbourne, is hoping to recruit Irish drivers to join their team who transport 25 million passengers annually.

Recruitment will begin in Dublin next month and will offer potential employees four-year work contracts with work visas guaranteed and a generous $63,000 (AUS$60,000) annual salary.

The Swilly Group, a Donegal based firm has been awarded the contract to supply the company with Irish drivers.

“Ventura are looking to recruit experienced bus drivers for minimum four-year contracts to work predominantly in their city bus operations,” Swilly Group sales manager, Damian Kerin, told the Irish Independent.
"Candidates can look forward to a generous salary, assistance with visa applications, secure employment and a vibrant way of life.

"There is a shortage of drivers because the economy is booming and while we hope to recruit up to 50 drivers through this process, if there are 100 or more who qualify, then Ventura have places for them all."

Kerin says the famous Irish charm is just of the reasons they are eager to recruit Irish workers.

"They have a handful of Irish bus drivers there at the moment and Ventura has noticed how courteous they are to customers. They like to have a bit of craic and that's good for customer relations," he said.

Kerin concluded: "This is a rare opportunity to relocate to a beautiful country with a minimum four years' secure employment with a major company.

"The package on offer... is very generous."