Two rocket launchers, an AK-47 and more than 19 pounds of cocaine were found by police today.

The find was nabbed by the Organized Crime Unit who had been working on tracking down members of a south Dublin drugs gang. The gang is involved in the bloody Crumlin/Drimnagh feud which has resulted in more than a dozen murders.

Four men are now in custody being questioned. The first two were arrested when they were stopped in their car where police found 2.2 pounds of cocaine. During a follow-up search of the Rathcoole, Kildare, area the other two were arrested.

Officers went on to raid a rented lockup in an industrial estate in Longtown, Kildare, where they found the weapons hidden in green oil drums.

The Defense Forces and bomb disposal team were called in and the area was made safe. All weapons have been removed and will be destroyed.

A detective said that this was the most lethal haul in police history with relation to gangland crime.

The rocket launchers were ready to be fired and the rifles were strong enough to shoot through and armored car. A security expert said “There is great concern they are on the streets in Ireland.”

Unfortunately the notorious gangland boss at the head of this group is currently hiding out in Spain. A police detective said “We didn’t get him unfortunately, but it’s definitely his gang that was involved in this.

“They’ve been watched for quite some time. It wasn’t just a routine stop.”

Industrial estate in County Kildare where the arsenal of weapons were found