Irish police are ready to make a number of arrests as they chase the gang who murdered detective Adrian Donohoe.

The Irish Independent reports that officers have identified the members of the cross-border gang who shot the father of two dead in a botched robbery.

They have also identified the car thieves who supplied the vehicle used in the raid on the County Louth credit union.

A stream of information supplied by the public has helped the officers identify the gang according to the report.

Police are also understood to have received ‘assistance’ from other criminals and dissident Republicans anxious not to be associated with the gang who killed the detective.

The gang leader is believed to be in his early 20s and from South Armagh. He is the prime suspect in the case.

The other gang members are said to range in age from 18 to early 20s.

Officers also understand that the driver of the getaway car wore a wig in an attempt to look like a woman.

One gang member is understood to live near the credit union offices where father of two Donohoe was shot at close range.

One member of the gang is said to be related to a senior Real IRA figure.

The Irish Independent reports that police on both sides of the border will carry out a series of arrest operations over the coming weeks as they close in on the murder gang.

Attention will also focus on family members as well as friends and girlfriends of the criminals.

Father-of-two Adrian Donohue was gunned down during a botched robbery attempt near Dundalk, County LouthIrish Mail On Sunday