Ireland is bracing itself for the coldest conditions in over 50 years, and meteorologists expect the country to get colder and the freeze is expected to last at least another 10 days.

Ireland's meteorologists issued severe weather warnings last night. 5cm of snowfall is expected and temperatures are expected to remain below 0 degrees. 

Meteorologist Vincent O'Shea said that "There will be no chance of a thaw in the daylight hours." 

Ireland traditionally has warmer winters and according to climate change expert Prof John Sweeney, the freezing conditions are not expected in the future. 

"It's quite the opposite actually. It’s exceptional and it’s something that will occasionally happen, but less often in the future,”  said Prof Sweeney.  

The Department of Health has also issued a warning to the public. It has asked the public to wrap up in warm clothing and look after elderly neighbors. 

The Department of Healths Deputy chief medical officer Dr Philip Crowley has asked people to call to their elderly neighbors and collect their groceries and medication.

"We must look out for each other in our communities to make sure no one is stranded or in difficulties" he said.

The Department of Health also issued a warning to drivers and pedestrians. The severe icing of sidewalks has resulted in a record number of admissions to hospital for fractured bones.