Abuse scandals - and the hierarchies frequent mishandling of them - have taken an enormous toll on the Irish publics perception of the Catholic church. But the recent influx of immigrants to Ireland has created a new opportunity.

Now, according to Archbishop of Dublin Dairmuid Martin, a new generation of immigrants into Ireland has revitalized church attendance and helped renew the faith.
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Martin made his claim at the sixth Festival of Peoples celebration in Dublin on Saturday, in an event reported on by The Irish Independent.

Speaking in the Pro-Cathedral, Martin said he believed the immigrant driven renewal stood in contrast to the perception that they are sometimes divisive for society.

'So many of those who have come to our shores are profoundly religious and see their faith as part of their identity and of their contribution to society,' Martin told attendees.

'And that we welcome,' Martin added, in his address to the multicultural communities of Dublin.

'We, the church in Dublin, celebrate with Catholic believers from many parts of the world who have come to make their home here and to enrich us with their heritage and their contribution to the economic, social and cultural fabric of Irish society,' he said.

'Ireland is changing and the religious culture of Ireland is changing. Change can be good, but change can also foster uncertainty and insecurity in many, especially when our faith is weak and we are fearful.'

Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin