New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan is certainly more than Irish in name only.

That is the feedback from several leading Irish Americans who have met the new prelate in recent weeks.

Dolan displayed a knowledge and interest in Ireland far superior to his predecessor, according to the reports. He is particularly interested in the success of the Irish peace process and how it might be used as an example in other conflict resolution efforts.

Dolan was very active in the Jewish/Catholic dialogue when he was head of the Milwaukee diocese. New York certainly gives him the perfect location to continue those talks.

The Middle East peace process and the lessons of Northern Ireland are something he has expressed a deep interest in to several Irish Americans.

He also has been a very frequent visitor to Ireland.

As the Irish Voice and IrishCentral revealed earlier this year, an Irish-born nun, Sister Bosco Daly, now living in Ireland, but formerly of St. Louis, where Dolan grew up, was instrumental in him becoming a priest in the first place. Sister Bosco was Dolan’s grade school teacher and had pride of place at his inauguration as archbishop.