Washington lawyer and Irish American activist Mark Tuohey is still favorite as next Ambassador to Ireland. Tuohey was rated the hot favorite in a Washington Post article this week.

However applicants for the job are “lining up out the door” according to a senior Washington source.

The man doing the vetting is Counselor to the President Pete Rouse who is personally close to Obama.

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Insiders say that major donors to Obama will be among the favorites when many of the ambassadorial appointments are made and female appointees, given the anger over the lack of senior female appointments to the White House, are given special considerations.

Former Joint Chief of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen is one other name that has cropped up in speculation about the Irish job. He is the son of a Hollywood press agent who worked for Jimmy Durante and rose to become the highest ranking officer in the U.S/ military.

Former US Ambassador Elizabeth frawley Bagley is also another name that has been mentioned. She served as Ambassador to Portugal under Bill Clinton and is very active in the American Ireland Fund.

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